tiistai 5. marraskuuta 2013

2 yhden hinnalla

Veikkaus Print done at Piñata
3D sculpture by Timo Hämäläinen
painting and compositing by me
Agency: TBWA

torstai 29. elokuuta 2013

Kissing in August

KISSING: 1) Improves your mood, 2) Decreases stress, 3) Keeps you skin toned, 
4) Can prevent cavities, 5) Can cure allergies, 6) Burns calories, 7) Is heart healthy, 
8) Provides immunity against illness, 
9) Relieves pain, 10) Can add years to your life ... and what else!

sunnuntai 16. kesäkuuta 2013


Aino is a figure in the Finnish national epic Kalevala. It relates that she was the beautiful sister ofJoukahainen. Her brother, having lost a singing contest to the storied Väinämöinen, promised Aino's "hands and feet" in marriage if Väinämöinen would save him from drowning in the swamp into which Joukahainen had been thrown. Aino's mother was pleased at the idea of marrying her daughter to such a famous and well born person, but Aino did not want to marry such an old man. Rather than submit to this fate, Aino drowned herself. However, she returned to taunt the grieving Väinämöinen as a salmon.

keskiviikko 17. huhtikuuta 2013

f e v e r

Last night, I was fever dreaming/hallucinating that I was a French actress burning down villages. 
How creepy and cool at the same time.

tiistai 19. maaliskuuta 2013